Community Learning
Village Research in Nong Waeng Yao, Thailand
Section 4 - Adapt
  Adapting the Process
After a few interviews, the community researchers reassessed the approach they were using, asking themselves: "What do we need to adjust before our next interview?" During the process of collecting information they learned that it is necessary to use locally appropriate vocabulary while conducting the interviews. One example given was that when community members were asked: "What sort of problems do you have?" they weren't able to respond, but when the question "What is driving you crazy these days?" was posed, people interviewed gave more in-depth answers.
The research was greeted with enthusiasm by most of the people in the village. However, in some of the interviews, people were hesitant to offer in depth information skills and knowledge for fear losing the competitive edge that their skill gives them.
More Challenges
Half-way through the research process, one of the community researchers left the village to migrate for work in Taiwan. The woman who left was very active in leading activity, and her absence threatened the completion of the research. A community meeting was called to discuss the next steps. Many of the people who had not been interviewed yet, advocated for the research to continue. They appreciated the opportunity to voice their opinions and have their skills and knowledge documented as important village data. The village researchers decided to take action so that the research would be completed. They broadened the research team by including more children and women in the community.
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