Community Learning
Village Research in Nong Waeng Yao, Thailand
Section 3 - Research
  Decision to Begin Research
Village researchers led a discussion with the village committee and other members of the community before deciding to go ahead with the research. Before beginning, the Community researchers tested out their ideas on a few people for how to best gather information and how to manage the data once it is obtained. They determined that their focus will be:
  1. Skills/Talents/Wisdom
  2. The condition of the family
  3. The problems faced by the family
  4. Community issues
  5. Suggested solutions to community issues
Conducting the Research: The data was collected mainly through individual interviews with families.
The community researchers first introduced themselves as local people and then later explained why they were there. They explained that the objective of collecting the data was to create an information base for future development projects in the village.
The family interviews were conducted during regular family and community events. The village researchers were knowledgeable of the local context and sensitive to particular family situations. The interviews touched on emotional issues and the village researchers comforted, consoled and offered advice to families as they collected data. The researchers used their familiarity in the community to build rapport with people quickly.
Each interview took between 20 minutes and one hour. Sometimes the researchers stayed much longer at the families' houses, talking and observing the families' activities. There was no fixed schedule for conducting the interviews and they did not inform the families beforehand. All together, the research took 7 months to complete.
1. Idea
2. Community
3. Research
4. Adapt
5. Findings
6. Action
7. After
8. Team
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