Community Learning
Village Research in Nong Waeng Yao, Thailand
Section 2 - Community 
  The Community Asks "How Do We Do It?"
The community members asked PLAN how to do the research. The PLAN team told them they could do whatever they wanted! This caused them some sleepless nights, as they said it was unusual for PLAN to ask them to design their own projects!
…And Then the Idea Got Even Better
Once the community knew this project was really theirs, their eyes lit up, and they brainstormed about the activity. They identified five main things they wanted to get out of the exercise:
  1. A process for villagers to study their own village, which they can repeat in the future.
  2. Information to help the community with its development in the future when PLAN phases out.
  3. An opportunity to diffuse specialty information among villagers and keep the village legacy alive for future generations.
  4. Use the information as the basis for projects with government and development agencies.
  5. Be a model for all the villages in the district - if every village in the district does a similar exercise, the district committee can better allocate resources and encourage links between people to share knowledge and expertise.

1. Idea
2. Community
3. Research
4. Adapt
5. Findings
6. Action
7. After
8. Team
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