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For over a quarter of a century, Cooper & Associates LLC (C&A) has provided total engineering, support engineering and project management for the building products, recycling and secondary metals, chemical, and food processing industries throughout the United States and around the World. We are a competitively-priced consulting engineering firm using diverse experience, unique approaches and state of the art technology that result in real world design solutions.

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A New Pipe Wrench Improves Safety in the Oil & Gas Industry

June 1, 2016 - Who knew that changing gas meters can pose a risk for injury to workers in the utility industry? That finding was very unexpected to Dr. Naira Campbell-Kyureghyan and her engineering students from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee (UWM), so much so that it pushed them to action.

They set off to create a safer work environment for technicians charged with servicing gas meters by designing a new tool to aid in the task. Together with Andy Lobo, director of product management and development at Snap-on Industrial, a division of Snap-on Inc., they engineered a new gas meter wrench. Industry Week